Techserve introduces Toshiba’s world-first eco-friendly multifunction printer able to reuse paper

Following its worldwide roll out, Techserve has introduced to the UAE the world’s first eco-friendly multifunction printer (MFP) system that can erase images and text on prints. By incorporating a unique toner, the device is capable of erasing images and text output allowing for the reuse of paper.

The Toshiba e-STUDIO 306LP / RD30 re-usable paper solution opens a window to a new work style in the office environment by encouraging users to re-use paper through the new system. The Toshiba e-STUDIO 306LP MFP combined with the e-STUDIO RD30 which removes toner colour from printed documents. The special toner is instantly erasable and the colour is removed by passing the paper through the e-STUDIO RD30 at high temperature.

If the same paper is used five times, this constitutes some 55 per cent reduction in the system’s total CO2 emissions. Eco-friendly MFP systems have verified the calculation method used to determine the amount of reduction in CO2, or life cycle assessment, by British Standards Institution (BSI) Group Japan. BSI is a global organisation that equips businesses with the necessary solutions to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence. Life cycle assessment is a method of assessing the environmental impact of a product or service from the time of production until disposal.

The key features of the e-STUDIO RD30 are its ability to sort paper into reusable and un-reusable sheets at the same time as removing the toner colour, and to digitise the documents prior to erasing. Normally, documents that have been used are either filed away or scrapped, but with this system, the contents of the documents can be converted into data and saved for future use.

“We are extremely pleased to introduce Toshiba’s world-first eco-friendly multifunction printer system to our customers in the UAE. The ability to reuse paper marks a major step forward to producing eco-friendly printing options and enables organisations to set an example for their employees while taking the lead in being more eco-friendly,” said Rajagopal S, General Manager, Techserve.